During the course of over six months, I have learned the benefits of meditation, experienced some benefits of meditation and also often rejected meditation. Often I have wondered why we are not taught meditation in schools and universities as a very important technique to help focus the mind on positivity, peace and progress. To take a minute or two of silence when we are feeling overwhelmed, confused or even experiencing brain-fry, helps us gain inner strength to keep us going in this world of disorganization.  Much more than strength, I feel that meditation can help us get clarity and patience to take one step at a time.

I found this interesting article through Google Search, that makes analogies between driving a car and meditation. Most religions will tell us to meditate on the “Most High,” often we call “God.”  Being part of a Brahmin family (Brahmin means one who seeks the truth), raised in Sanātana Dharma (The Eternal Law), also popularly known as Hinduism, mistakenly considered a religion, I have been given an “open sky” to choose from and find the “one” to meditate on. I am aware of my “shovel,” that I have a “path,” and that I have to lay my “bricks,’ one by one with patience.

Oh what a burden! Do I want a “Purpose Driven Life?” Isn’t purpose, purposeful? Shouldn’t our deeds be purposeless or not focused on the outcome itself. As they say, enjoy the journey more than the destination?

What purpose then philosophy serves, except the ifs and buts? What purpose then planning for your life serves? What purpose then dreaming up your desires serve? What purpose even then achieving goals serves? Other than the only purpose should be the purpose not of you but the one who “created” us!

Sounds all confusing, but this is just a start of revelations to come!! Would “Hallelujah” be appropriate to say here?

It is much easier to meditate on my brother’s life, to remember his little toes, unique design of his hands, his smiles when he was tickled, the easy sunny life that he deserved always and forever. There was no race, no color, no boundaries, no us vs. them in my brother’s life, it was all together. All the puzzles fit together for him naturally, yet not so much for others outside of him.

He was working on his method, and from a little bit I know of his internal universe, I try to connect the pieces together, hoping to create a method for me, in my brother’s name.


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About in my brother's name

Before I became three, I was given a brother and by the age of thirty, he was taken away. For 26 years, he kept me his sweet company, and then left me, asking me to do something more. To understand something more. Something...that will be revealed in time. In my brother's name. Amen.

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