Listen to it

Listen to a story, never told but it also never unfold. One year passing through now, the days of disappearance of an important part of my soul. My silent friend, my brother, in the journey of our souls. We were after all twin souls. He is dead living in a place full of life, I heard they call it heaven. I live here, it is wanna be heaven. What more can be said? Ah live your life! Yeah right! Easier said than done. No one lives their own life. We are all connected, yet disconnected in our cores to our own wholes. May be not all of us.

I remember him, thankfully now, everyday. It has not been easy to come to terms that he is gone, and that the only way he is alive is through my memories of him in this earth plane, as he continues his journey on the other side. So I have practiced remembering him often, as the clouds cleared of my own selfishness, I again find him in the moments of my life. I like remembering him, there was no one more sweeter, calmer and cuter than him, that I have known in my entire life. I do not understand still, why I chose to leave. He was inspiring at every level in his life, just not the way he left me. I don’t want to ever want anyone to do this to themselves. Particularly not me.

No one die like this ever again. Choose life. light. love. Choose light. love. life. Choose love. life. light. Each moment. Never forget. Not any moment in our life. Let’s clear those clouds, for you and for me and the entire human race. I start with food. I eat my food always for him and me. Two meals a day in his name, to remember him and the creator. Amen.